The travels of marco polo into china

The book was translated into many european languages in marco polo's own lifetime, but the original manuscripts are now lost the most noble and famous travels of . The travels of marco polo language and habits of the people of asia and china his travels were not a bed of roses he faced numerous hardships some of which he mentioned in his memoirs . Marco polo dies marco polo died in venice at the age of 74 his travels and explorations inspired other explorers like christopher columbus, and the tales he brought back from china got the people interested in other cultures. After his time in china he returned to venice where he fought against the genoese and was captured while in prison he wrote “the travels of marco polo” which told of his adventures the book fired the imagination of all medieval europe. By the explorer’s own account, he ventured deep into china and mongolia, serving for some time in the court of mongol emperor kublai khan one avid reader of “the travels of marco polo .

The travels of marco polo how marco polo went to china marco polo was born in venice in the year 1254 his westward into europe and from arctic lands south . Polo, marcomarco polo's travels to asia (1271–95), immortalized in his travels of marco polo marco, his father, and his uncle set out from venice in 1271 and reached china in 1275 the polos spent a total of 17 years in china encyclopædia britannica, inc polo, marcomarco polo traveling in a . While imprisoned in genoa, marco polo dictated his stories of persia, china, mongolia, the far east and india to a fellow prisoner, rustichello da pisa, who wrote them down into what became medieval europe's best-seller, the travels of marco polo. Marco polo in china: 1275-1292 marco spends seventeen years in china, fulfilling a wide variety of tasks in kublai khan's administration he is in effect a member of an occupying force, speaking mongolian but not chinese, so his understanding of the people is limited.

Marco polo and his 'travels ' he has been credited with the introduction of noodles into italy and of spaghetti into china with perhaps greater warrant, he has . The travels of marco polo when he was 17 years old he traveled to asia with his father and uncle he was one of the first europeans to travel into mongolia and china and became famous for his book that told the story of his travels along the silk route to china. Marco polo's account of dinosaurs marco polo was a trader and explorer who spent over 20 years traveling through out asia, persia, china, and indonesia.

The travels is divided into four books book one describes the lands of the middle east and central asia that marco encountered on his way to china book two describes china and the court of kublai khan. Quick facts: marco polo is known for traveling along the silk road to china, where he explored and documented much of asia not yet explored by europeans. Marco polo’s route across china took him through kashgar, in xinjiang province, which was an important focal point standing at the intersection of the ancient trading routes connecting the empires of rome, china, mongolia and persia, mercantilism was the area’s lifeblood. But in the time that marco polo was a subject of the great emperor, kublai khan, he noted that in his reports of his travels the emperor enjoyed most the stories and gossip surrounding the people under his dominion and it is here that the travels of marco polo come into their own. But in the 13th century, a young italian named marco polo traveled all the way to china in this lesson, students will learn about the remarkable travels of marco polo skip to content.

The interactions and future accounts of exploration succeeding marco polo's travels should all, if not mostly, be attributed to marco polo himself without marco polo's courageous journey to the east, europe, the mongol empire, and china would have undergone much different paths in history than they did in reality. Europe and marco polo the travels of marco polo a network of trade routes that connected china to various parts of europe and india a postal system. A meticulous description of currency and salt production could restore marco polo's honor by proving that he really did go to china, a new study into the explorer's accounts of the far east . Farther into china than any other merchant why did marco polo become famous and not the other merchants that had travled before him he wrote a journal of his travels.

The travels of marco polo into china

Marco polo called china “catai, as in cathay, a name derived from karakitay, an 11th century buddhist empire in western china beijing was referred to as cambalue, a corruption of the turkish name khanbalikh, “khan's city polo wrote repeatedly about china's wealth in silk and spices and . A well-known traveler and explorer, marco polo headed for china along the silk road in the yuan dynasty (1271–1368) the travels of marco polo, dictated by him, described chinese politics, economy, and culture in detail, which greatly aroused the desire of westerner to go to china and had a great . The journeys of marco polo and their impactoverviewmarco polo (c 1254-1324) was a venetian merchant and adventurer who made an extended, twenty-four year (1271-95), journey with his father niccolò and his uncle maffeo into central asia, including seventeen years spent in mongol-controlled china.

The travels of marco polo from venice to asia opened up a whole new world to europeans they took 17-year-old marco with them the slow road to china and this recipe may have evolved into . What we know of marco polo's travels to china and other points in asia comes from the travels of marco polo, an early fourteenth century book originally written in langue d'oïl[1]. The travels of marco polo became influential for many future explorers most notably, christopher columbus the travels of marco polo was the first detailed account of the wealth of china to europeans. The travels of marco polo is a travelogue describing marco polo's travels in asia between 1271 and 1295 ce the major theme of the book is that the orient is a wonderful place that is worth.

Shortly thereafter, the travels of marco polo was published in french though polo's book exaggerates places and cultures (and some scholars believe he never went as far east as china but only described places other travelers had been to), his book was widely published, translated into many languages, and thousands of copies were printed. This travelogue has been translated into numerous languages and in english it is known as the book of the marvels of the world, description of the world, or the travels of marco polo chapter from an old manuscript copy.

the travels of marco polo into china According to the travels of marco polo, they passed through much of asia, and met with kublai khan,  the polos wanted to sail straight into china, . the travels of marco polo into china According to the travels of marco polo, they passed through much of asia, and met with kublai khan,  the polos wanted to sail straight into china, .
The travels of marco polo into china
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